General presentation

Select Tech located in Djerba Houmet Souk our activity is in the form of a group that includes several industrial activities specialized in the transformation of plastic materials by Injection and extrusion.

We are equipped with several modern and complete injection molding machines, we are able to precisely realize any type of plastic part and execute the most complex projects in the field of plastics processing, guarantee you Good product, the best quality, the fastest time and the lowest price.

Our Services


The particular business partially entrusts its production to another as part of a work of underpinning.

molding Injection

Is a process of implementation of thermoformable, notably the thermoplastics materials.

Molds for bottles

The mold is concave shape of the object that is desired. Sand, metal or flexible type.

Products Sales

We offer several products such as: coals, fuses, fan, recycled materials , led indicator,pod, lights etc…

Machines sales

We also sell the big injection  machine , blowing, printing, crusher, Shredders and cutting machines.

Plastic parts manufacturing

Transforming thermoplastic materials by injection offer all types such as: Precision parts, simple and electric.