Plastic parts Manufacturing

Plastic parts Manufacturing

Industriels, you produce equipment requiring the manufacture of plastic parts for technical use or various applications? Are you looking for a reliable partner, able to design and industrialize for you the production of these parts?

We manufacture your plastic parts and tools for their production in series:

  • Car parts
  • Single Pieces
  • Electrical Parts

QTC offers all types of ground supports, supports with machined ends, supports with bolt holes. Stainless steel supports, brass holders, plastic holders, helical supports, molded supports with Gude rails. Click any of the support images to view the full details of this type of media.

Precision grade :

JIS Grade N9 (JIS B 1702-1:1998)
JIS Grade 5 (JIS B 1702:1976)

Core hardness HRR115120
Gear teeth Standard full depth
Surface hardness –
Pressure angle 20
Surface treatment –
Material MC901 Nylon
Surface finish Hobbed

QTC offers all types of Spur Gears
Ground Spur Gear
Metric Spur Gear
Hubless Spur Gears
Fairloc Spur Gears
Plastic Spur Gears
Steel Spur Gear
Injection Molded Spur Gears.